Regardless of what you call it, as Christians, we all are heirs to God’s Kingdom. We may differ in our spiritual gifts, and yet we all share a divine heritage as Children of God.

As part of that inheritance, it is our responsibility to understand the truth of who God has created and called us to be.

I am one who is aware and can sense the physical and emotional symptoms of others in my body and spirit, especially if I lay hands on them. I sense changes, not only in the physical environment, but in the spiritual atmosphere as well.

These are gifts of the Holy Spirit that fall under the category of Discernment and Words of Knowledge. Other terms to describe this (especially in Pentecostal churches) might be Burden Bearer or Intercessor (see 1 Corinthians 12:8-1 and Romans 12: 6-8 for more on the various gifts of the Holy Spirit.)

Secular circles tend to define this sensitivity as Empathy or Intuition.

I don’t always  know how to handle my “gifts,” but God has been faithful about sending those who are wise in the ways of Spirit across my path. The road I’ve traveled has been a bumpy one, with plenty of detours and roadblocks and long pauses along the way. Many of my teachers have shown up unexpectedly and in places I never would have found on my own.  But God has made each one clear to me as I step out in faith.

Every day that I seek His will, God directs my steps. His mercy is new every morning and He is delighted to share His wisdom with me (Lamentations 3: 22-23; James 1:5.)

But first, I had to let go – by surrendering my idea about how things should be. This too can be an ongoing process. Once I stopped getting in the way, things started to change…I  changed.

Or, I should say, God changed me.

And He is teaching me to stop asking “Why?”

Daily, I am reminded to quit wasting my energy questioning God’s motives, because He has proven over and over that He can be trusted.

So now,  I simply follow Him (OK, OK,  I do slip on occasion!)

I hope that Legacy of Souls becomes a place of refuge for you,  that by sharing my experiences and the knowledge I have gleaned along the way will help you find healing in your own life. With God’s help, may  you find this to be a place of  restoration and transformation, as you come to fully understand your Divine Inheritance… a Legacy of Souls.