A Beautiful Mess


A wise woman once told me that when you get to the place where you can see the humor and even laugh about what has happened to you, only then are you ready to share your story with others.

Writing is both a passion and calling, an unrelenting and (possibly unforgiving) gift of transforming words into pictures. When you are one who writes, a “writer”, you can’t not write. There is always a notebook and pen on your bedside table, readily available for the words that won’t let you sleep.

Today as I was painting a collage I made a huge mess. But in its own way it was beautiful. Splashes of color, wrinkles in the paper, words of wisdom that I had saved and didn’t know where to put. And I am learning that if the end result of my creating is something beautiful, then the mess was worth it – so too my life.

Let me repeat that:

If the end result is something beautiful, then the mess was worth it.

There is a story that God has for each and every one us, uniquely ours and perfectly timed. The tale our Creator gives us requires some time to simmer, time to answer the difficult questions, including the most difficult one – Why?

Our lives may take several drafts, messy mistakes and a variety of experiences to get it just right. To look back and see that it is good. Once we have lived that story, only then can it be told and it is in the telling that it will touch and heal the hearts of others.

Don’t be afraid to share your story.